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(Just realised that I posted this on April Fools Day - but it's genuine)

Uploaded to ShareCG and Renderosity Freestuff
- ShareCG:…
- Renderosity Freestuff:…

Now works with 50+ different figures via a plain text datafile (yes, you can add support for additional figures yourself):
- DAZ Gen 1-2: Aiko, Michael 1/2, Stephanie, Victoria 1/2.
- DAZ Gen 3: Aiko 3, David, Hiro 3, Laura 3, Luke 3, Michael 3, Stephanie Petite 3, The FREAK, The Girl, Victoria 3.
- DAZ Gen 4: Michael 4 (and Hiro 4, The FREAK 4), Victoria 4 (and Aiko 4, She-Freak 4, Stephanie 4, The Girl 4).
- DAZ Gen 5: Genesis (original base figure only).
- Poser 5: P5 Don, P5 Judy.
- Poser 6: P6 James, P6 Jessi, Miki2, Miki4.
- Poser 7: G2 Simon, G2 Sydney, G2 James, G2 Jessi.
- Poser 8: Alyson, Ryan.
- Poser 9: Alyson2, Ryan2 (and Tyler).
- Sixus 1: Adam2, Behemoth, Behemoth2, HER, HIM, Project Human Female, Project Human Male, Thrusty.
- Kirwyn's: K, KEZ, KEZ-WM, KOZ-WM.
- Others: Antonia, Apollo, Cynthia (BVH), Dawn (Hivewire), F202 Dollie, MayaDoll, The Princess/Heroine (Dark Anvil)

Includes updated versions of the five Smart+ props already released (dha, S.E.Asian shields, and water jar scoop)

Includes a bright orange 'DummyHand' proxy, which allows you to use the PropGoto+ pose file with any standard prop having a rod-type grip (i.e. cylindrical and a couple of centimetres in diameter)

Includes three PDFs:
- A User Guide for the basics
- A Datafile Guide to help you add/change/remove figure support
- A 'Make Your Own Smart+ Props' guide to help you convert all those Vicky-specific smartprops

(The equivalent update to the DAZ Studio version is progressing well)


3dcheapskate's Profile Picture
3D hobbyist - as well as making pictures I create my own textures, models and scripts for Poser and DAZ Studio and upload them in various places as freebies. You'll also find me on ShareCG (… ), Renderosity (… ), DAZ3D (… ) and various other sites.

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Thank you so much for joining our group Dawn of a New Era!
My pleasure, and thank you for creating the group. Still looking forward to seeing the HiveWire3D gallery with all 154 HiveWire entries - I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they  get it done soon.
Yes. I am looking forward to seeing what people have done. I hope more of them decide to join  our group over here too as I think that the more people see her outside of hivewire, the more they will realize how versatile she is.
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